Custom Golf Clubs Made by Hand and Fit to You

It is not much of a secret that putting is the most important aspect of the game. We have all heard “drive for show, putt for dough.” 

But most golfers spend very little, if any, time on putter selection. Tapping a few balls around on an indoor carpet for 20 minutes doesn’t count.

A three foot putt is the same stroke on the score card as a three hundred yard drive. And although not nearly as remarkable, if you miss enough of those putts it can damage your psyche and erode your soul. Each time you step up to a three foot putt, or far worse a two foot putt, your heart will change its beat, your vision will narrow and blur, your skin will suddenly become clammy and itchy. It is so important to be comfortable and at ease with your putter. As foolish as it sounds, you must be able to trust it. And that means trusting yourself as the two of you are a team.

Obvious things to consider are swing arc and loops. Is your arc tight, or flat (and in rare cases, even straight)? Do you loop inside or outside? Do you press forward before, during, or at the moment of impact? And do you cover the ball at address?

Things not so obvious are flex, loft, proper grip size, wrist lock (or lack of it), swing path, tempo, shaft angle, swing weight, shaft insertion. Do you need a center mounted putter? Do you need Neck; goose, slanted, or otherwise? Does your putt profile require a mallet, blade, or hybrid? A heavy or light putter?

As mentioned before; a two inch putt is the same stroke as a three hundred yard drive. It is on the green where you have the most control over the fate of your score card, and you game. Harvey Pennick said “A good putter can compete with anyone, a bad putter is no competition.”

Let me build you a putter from the grass up.



​I am a Master Putter Fitter.