Custom Golf Clubs Made by Hand and Fit to You

There's a very good chance that your clubs only look alike and have the same name, but otherwise are not part of a set.

  • Are your shafts in straight? Don't look at the logo... Sometimes the shafts are so crooked you can see it with your naked eye.
  • Are your lofts all four degrees apart? How do you know?
  • When was the last time you checked the swingweight?
  • Do you hit two clubs the same distance?
  • Do you have a favorite club?
  • Do you have one club you just can't seem to hit?
  • Slice one and hook another?

More Food for Thought



The Times have Changed a Little

Good Days and Bad Days
It's really not about how well you hit the ball when you are hitting the ball well. It's about how bad you are hitting the ball when you shooting for the wind. Custom made club are designed not just for your swing, but also your swing flaws. 


Ladies are Sold Up the River
Beyond no doubt, the poorest quality clubs I see are ladies sets. The brand rarely matters. I get so angry sometimes. Especially when I see women playing with clubs that are too long and heavy for them, but they bought men's clubs because they wanted the better quality.


Sunrise Tee Times
What time of day do you usually play? Believe it or not, it matters. Wet, dewy conditions change the nature of play. Pros quite often have two sets, one for mornings and another for afternoons. Heck, they even have different sets for deserts or forests. It all matters. 


Gear Sale
Generally speaking, the longer someone is a customer, the less they are going to pay me for what they buy.

Public Service

Military, clergy, firemen, and cops who have never written me a ticket all get discounts.

It's not sitting around in the barn carving on a block of wood, only coming to the clubhouse when beckoned. It's a lot of math. A lot of math. And art. There is still a great deal of art left in the science of fitting golf clubs to a person. Many people tell me they are not good enough for custom clubs. This is just backwards thinking. Think about it; we can give a pro the absolute worst clubs in the world, and they will still beat us. We're the ones who need all the help we can get.